Jet-Thrust Injuries

In a personal watercraft such as Jet Ski, Waverunner, or Sea-Doo, a powerful stream of water (sometimes referred to as a jet stream or jet drive), is produced to propel the craft forward. The large volume of water used in the jet stream comes from the craft’s impeller drawing in the body of water the craft is floating in, and force pumping it through a steering nozzle located at the end of the craft.  The reaction is the movement of the boat in the opposite direction similar in principle to how a rocket works.

The danger associated with the jet stream produced in these personal water vehicles can not be ignored.  Its been estimated the gallons per minute of water displacement can range between 800 and 5000 depending on a variety of factors.  This means on average 50 gallons of water a second can be traveling through the exit nozzle with 800 pounds of force to create the jet thrust the craft uses for forward movement.

Falling off a personal watercraft is a very common occurrence, and is an expected event when learning how to operate or ride one.  What is unexpected for most riders however is being seriously injured from landing in the path of powerful jet water flow behind the craft. Unfortunately this happens more frequently than realized and can cause a person to have internal organ damage, orifice injuries including severe complications to anus or rectum and vagina.

Manufacturers are fully aware of this problem and yet have not taken measures to create a design for personal watercraft that takes jet thrust accidents into consideration. It is therefore an inherent danger with most all PWCs.. If you or someone you know has been injured due to the force of a high powered jet drive on a personal water craft contact us today to learn more about about your rights.