Located along  Highway 366 and 32nd Street in Port Arthur, Total Petrochemical USA’s Port Arthur refinery experiences a variety of accidents each year. Refinery workers who are hurt or killed in accidents at the Port Arthur refinery have the right to bring legal claims against the party that is liable for such a claim.

The History of the Port Arthur Refinery

The Port Arthur refinery was built in 1936. Although the Port Arthur refinery is nearly a century old, the facility, processing equipment and technology used at the location is considered cutting edge by many. The Port Arthur facility has a maximum capacity of 174,00 barrels of crude oil per day. The products made at the Port Arthur refinery are responsible for a variety of products including transportation fuels,  petcoke, and liquefied petroleum gas.

The Danger of Falling Objects at the Port Arthur Refinery

In August of 2012, a refinery worker was killed while working on a construction project at Total’s Port Arthur refinery. The worker ultimately died after becoming trapped in a trench at Total. The man was ultimately transported to a nearby hospital where the man was pronounced dead. The exact reason why this worker was trapped in this ditch remains uncertain, but in many similar situations refinery workers can become trapped or injured due to falling objects.

There are a number of different types of falling objects that can significantly harm refinery workers which include: inadequate warnings alerting to workers about overhead objects, loose objects that displaced and fall of a stack,  objects that are dropped by workers are working at a great height, and scaffolding or platforms that come apart or cause items to fall off of these ledges,

Accidents at the Port Arthur Refinery Due to Falls

There are a several ways in which a worker at the Point Arthur refinery can end up falling at great heights, which can cause significant injuries or fatalities. In June of 2016, a worker at the Port Arthur refinery died after the bulldozer that the man was operating fell into a pit filled with 200-degree wastewater. It remains uncertain what exactly the cause the exact cause of the man falling into the pit was, but it is likely that the worker was pushing petroleum coke into the wastewater and somehow ended up falling into the pit.

Fires at Port Arthur Refinery

There are numerous reports of fires occurring at the Total Petrochemicals Port Arthur refinery. In one case from April 2013, a fire was reported at the Port Arthur refinery which later extinguished.

Because refinery sites are often filled with hazardous materials, there is a significant risk that even small flames can result in large fires or even explosions. Due to this risk presented by fire, even the smallest of flames at a refinery site must be treated with great caution.

Reasons to Obtain the Services of a Skilled Port Arthur Accident Attorney

If you are a refinery worker injured in a refinery accident or you are the family member of an individual who was killed in a refinery accident, a skilled Port Arthur accident attorney can fight to make sure that your case resolves in a positive manner.