Ranking sixth among the largest refineries in the United States, a significant amount of activity occurs each day at Shell Oil’s Deer Park refinery. Given the busy nature of Shell Oil’s Deer Park refinery, it comes as no surprise that a variety of accidents have occurred at the highly dangerous refinery. Given the risk of future potential accidents at the Deer Park refinery, refinery workers and individuals in the area should understand some information about the Deer Park refinery.

History of the Deer Park Refinery

Shell’s Deer Park refinery was founded in 1929, during a time at which the surrounding area lacked other businesses or buildings. The location of the refinery was chosen for its closeness to the Houston Ship Channel. Twenty miles east of downtown Houston, the Deer Park refinery would remain part of the community as the area sprung to life with commerce and community.During the 1940’s and 1950’s, Shell Oil added a chemical plant to the location and improved the quality of the refinery. The Deer Park refinery eventually became a 50-50 partnership between Shell and Penex, the national oil company of Mexico. Currently, Shell Oil’s Deer Park location is located on 2,300 acres and employs approximately 1,500 employees and 1,200 contractors. The Deer Park refinery also now has a crude oil capacity of 340,000 barrels a day.

Deer Park Refinery Explosions

Several explosions have occurred at the Deer Park refinery. In June of 1997, an explosion and accompanying fire caused property damage to the refinery, the homes of nearby individuals, and businesses within a certain proximity. Although no one was killed due to the explosion, one worker was sent to the hospital. The resulting fire from the explosion burned for a whole day after the accident and trails of black smoke could be seen from miles away. The cause of the explosion occurred in a unit that manufactures propylene, ethylene, and benzene, all of which are particularly dangerous chemical products.

Fires at the Deer Park Refinery

There have been several fires of varying degrees at the Deer Park refinery throughout the last decade. In November of 2010, a fire at Shell’s Deer Park refinery injured several individuals causing the unit where the fire started to be shut down. In June of 2014, there was yet another fire at the Deer Park refinery.

How A Talented Deer Park Accident Attorney Can Help

Both refinery fires and explosions have the potential to cause: severe and painful burns, the loss of limbs, fractured or broken bones, spinal cord injury and paralysis, permanent brain damage, and even fatalities. Refinery accidents in Deer Park have the potential to be particularly catastrophic and cause substantial property damage, significant injuries, and even fatalities. Individuals or their loved ones who are involved in these types of accidents can suddenly be faced with a variety of costs, which can make it essential to obtain the services of a skilled attorney who can initiate a strong claim against liable parties.