Located 65 miles southwest of Houston on 14,000 acres of land, Phillips 66’s Sweeny Refinery in Old Ocean primarily processes heavy, high-sulfur crude oil. Behind Roxana, Illinois and Belle Chase, Louisiana, the Sweeny refinery is the third largest refinery that is owned by Phillips 66. Given the size of Phillips 66 and the amount of catastrophic damage that can be caused by refinery accidents, refinery works should appreciate the significant risk presented by working at a refinery.

The History of the Sweeny Refinery

The Sweeny refinery was built in 1942, but purchased by Phillips 66 in 1947. Phillips 66 is an American multinational energy company that is headquarters in Houston. The company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on May 1, 2012. Phillips 66 owns fifteen refineries with a net crude oil barrel capacity of 2.2 million barrels per day. Sweeny refinery has a daily total capacity of 300,000 crude oil barrels. The Sweeny refinery primarily processes high-sulphur crude oil into a variety of products including gasoline and petrochemical products.

How Fires at Sweeny Refinery Can Cause Injuries and Fatalities

In 2015, Phillips 66 management experienced mechanical failure while attempting to use a new natural gas liquids fractionator. One of the most common reasons for fires at refinery sites is mechanical failure or malfunction with electrical failures also causing a large amount of accidents. One of the most common injuries caused by fires are burns. Burns are frequently severe and even life-threatening. Burns can also lead to various complications including: body temperature difficulties, breathing complications, infection, low blood volume, and permanent scars. Individuals who experience burns from refinery accidents frequently require a long amount of time to fully recover.

Injuries and Fatalities Due to Explosions at Sweeny Refinery

In April of 1991 an explosion at the Sweeny refinery injured two refinery contract workers. These explosions occurred in a section of the refinery near a heavy oil desulfurization unit. Desulfurization is the process of removing sulfur from something to prevent contamination. As a result of this explosion, one of these workers received mild burns on the arms, while refinery worker another required hospital treatment for smoke inhalation. In many cases involving refinery explosions, these explosions occur because workers did not receive adequate training or supervision require to make sure that all applicable safety regulations were followed.

Oil refinery injuries due to an explosion are often fatal. Some of the other most common injuries due to explosions include broken bones, deep cuts, the loss of limbs, severe and painful burns, spinal cord injuries or paralysis.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals at Sweeny Refinery Results in Injuries and Fatalities

A 1998 report from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration reveals that a refinery employee died due to overexposure to sulfuric acid due to burns and the inhalation of toxic fumes. Sulfuric acid is a highly corrosive mineral that can cause individuals very serious damage if the material comes into direct contact with the individual. In the event that sulfuric acid contacts an individual’s eyes, permanent blindness is likely to occur. In the event that sulfuric acid is swallowed, this acid can cause irreversible and serious damage to an individual’s internal organs.

Obtain the Services of a Knowledgeable Refinery Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured at an accident at Sweeny Refinery, the results can be particular catastrophic and might very well include serious physical injuries, fatalities, or substantial property damage.