Located about 50 miles northeast of Amarillo and situated on approximately 6,000 acres of land, the Borger refinery is owned by WRB Refinancing LP, a group that contains a 50/50 partnership between Phillips 66 and Cenovus Energy. The refinery, however, is operated by Phillips 66.

The History of the Borger Refinery

The Borger refinery has grown exponentially from its origins in 1926. In 2007, the Borger refinery became part of a business joint venture between Phillips 66 and “EnCana” which has since become Cenovus Energy. Currently, the Borger refinery holds more than 920 employees and processes approximately 73,000 barrels of crude oil each day.  The refinery processes mainly light, low-sulfur and medium, high-sulfur crude oil.

Hydrofluoric Acid Related Injuries at the Borger Refinery

In March of 2014, two refinery workers and a contractor were injured in an accident at the Borger refinery due to exposure to hydrogen sulfide at a unit that handles hydrofluoric acid. The injured workers required medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

In October of 1979, a similar accident involving either hydrofluoric sulfide or hydrofluoric acid occurred at the Borger refinery and killed two workers and injured eleven others also occurred at the Borger refinery. This accident occurred when two refinery workers tried to repair equipment resulting in the emission of deadly fume.

The burns from hydrofluoric acid are particularly painful and severe. The severity of the burns can increase based upon the concentration of the acid and the length of time during which an individual is exposed to the substance. Hydrogen sulfide is a similarly strong material that has the effect of immediately paralyzing the respiratory system of an individual resulting in a fatality within seconds.

The Borger Refinery Falling Injuries and Fatalities

In May of 2014, a refinery worker fell from a height about 100 feet. The worker was transported to a hospital where the work passed away from injuries due to the fall. This accident is one of many cases of serious falls that have resulted in fatalities or life threatening injuries at the refinery.

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that refineries follow certain regulations to prevent workers from falling from significant heights.

While there a variety of ways in which falls can occur, a large number of falls occur when workers fall from heights  greater than six feet while working on ladders, roofs, and scaffolds. Falls can result in a variety of serious injuries including back injuries, broken bones, crushed spinal cords, paralysis, and in the very worst cases fatalities. These devastating injuries  frequently require high surgery costs as well as damages due to loss of income, pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

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