Located in Port Arthur, Motiva Enterprises’ Port Arthur refinery is the largest oil refinery in the United States. Because the Port Arthur refinery is such a large facility, there are many workers at the facility and many situations in which a catastrophic accident can occur. If you are involved in an accident at the Port Arthur refinery, one of the best strategies to employ is to immediately retain the services of a skilled attorney.

The History of Motiva Enterprises Port Arthur Refinery

The first units of the Port Arthur refinery was built in 1902 by the Texas Company, which would later become Texaco. At certain points in time, the Texaco corporation would consider the Port Arthur refinery the flagship refinery of Texaco. In 1989, Saudi Refining Incorporated purchased a fifty percent interest in the Port Arthur refinery from Texaco. Saudi Refining and Texaco then formed a joint venture, Star Enterprise. In 2001, Texaco was purchased by Chevron. After this acquisition, Chevron’s interest in the Port Arthur refinery was sold to Shell in 2002.  Shell and and Saudi Refining  then formed Motiva Port Arthur Refinery, in which each company held a fifty percent interest in the Port Arthur refinery. In March 2016, Motiva Enterprises became controlled by Saudi Aramco. Currently, statistics suggest that 1,200 workers are employed at the Port Arthur refinery and the facility has a daily crude oil capacity of 600,000 barrels. Unlike many other refineries, the Port Arthur refinery is capable of producing several different types of crude oil including heavy, sour, and acid crude oil.

Injuries and Fatalities due to Port Arthur Fires

In August of 2016, a massive fire tore through the Motiva refinery creating large flames and clouds of smoke. Firefighters combatted the fire for more than four hours before the fire was determined to be extinguished. No injuries were reported to have occurred at the facility. Fortunately, the weather was raining and thundering which caused many individuals to move out of the way of the fire. Monitoring of air pollution levels also fortunately never reached such a degree that notification and evacuations were not required. It should be noted that if weather conditions had been better and workers would have been in a different position then there is a great likelihood that a number of injuries and maybe even fatalities would have occurred.

The Danger of Falling Objects at Port Arthur Refinery

Not only must Port Arthur refinery workers be aware of various ways that the worker could get hurt by falling, refinery workers must also be aware of falling objects. When heavy objects fall or even small objects fall at great, the damage can often be great. In April of 2010, a Port Arthur refinery worker was killed at a crude oil expansion project when a crane’s counterweight fell onto the man and subsequently crushed him to death.

How A Skilled Port Arthur Accident Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident at the Port Arthur refinery, do not hesitate to retain the services of a skilled attorney who is willing to fight zealously for the compensation that you deserve.