Located on Galveston Bay and near the entrance to the Houston Ship Channel, Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s Texas City refinery is one of many refineries created during World War II to satisfy a growing demand for petroleum and synthetic rubber. .Each year, a number of safety violations occur at the refinery. If you are a party injured by the refinery in any way, consider contacting an accident attorney.

The History of The Marathon Corporation’s Texas City Refinery

The Texas City refinery was built in 1931 and later purchased in 1962 by the Ohio Oil Company, which eventually became part of Marathon Petroleum Corporation. The Texas City refinery currently employs approximately 275 employees and 255 contract workers in addition to producing  a capacity of 86,000 crude oil barrels each day and employs about 280 individuals. The crude oil produced by the refinery includes light sweet crude oils.

Injuries and Fatalities Due to Fires at Marathon’s Texas City Refinery

In January of 2016, a fire at the Texas City refinery severely injured several workers. Three refinery employees were burned as a result of this fire. A contractor employee was injured so severely that the employee was sent by LifeFlight to a burn center in Galveston. The two other employees received burn treatment at nearby medical facilities. The exact cause of this fire remains under investigation. All refinery fires must be treated with a great degree of caution because these fires have the potential to cause fires and explosions. There is simply no telling when the correct combination of hazardous materials at a refinery site will produce a catastrophic accident. Defective machinery, as in the example of this January 2016 case, are just one common cause of refinery fies. Another common cause of fires is lack of training by employees who are required by their job to operate machinery within the refinery.

Worker Falls as the Cause of Injuries and Fatalities at Marathon’s Texas City Refinery

There are several reports of workers at Marathon’s Texas City refinery being significantly injured or even killed by falls from high areas. In September of 2016, a Marathon Petroleum Corporation employee fell into the water. Emergency workers were able to identify the worker as a man who was employed by the Excel Scaffold Corporation who had been erecting scaffolding, which then collapsed and fell into about twenty five feet of water. The deceased worker had been attached to the scaffold by a safety line at the time of this accident. Although one of the man’s co-workers had descended into the water to save the man, the co-worker was ultimately unable to reach the deceased worker.

Do Not Hesitate to Acquire An Experienced Refinery Accident Attorney

If you are an employee or other involved party who has been injured in a refinery accident, there are many ways that you might find yourself facing damages including costs for lost wages, emotional suffering, or medical treatment. A skilled San Antonio refinery accident attorney at our firm can help you determine the exact amount of damages that you should claim and also the best legal strategy to implement to receive a favorable result in your claim. Contact our firm today.