Arkema has a production plant located in Crosby, and Clear Lake Texas that produces liquid organic peroxides that are primarily used in the production of plastics, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, PVC, acrylic resins, and fiberglass.  Many products that are purchased today begin with organic peroxides such as countertops, paints, coatings, automotive parts, packaging, and more.

Information about Arkema and the  Clear Lake & Crosby plant locations

Arkema is a materials and special chemicals company with main office located in Colombes which is near Paris France.  After the major French oil company, Total, restructured its chemical business in 2004, it created Arkema. The company has 19,000 employees in 137 production plants over the span of more than 50 countries with revenues exceeding 7 billion.  The Crosby location has a total of 57 employees with a local economic impact of more than 5 million and the Clear Lake location has a total of 120 employees with a $40 million local impact

Potential Causes of Injuries and Fatalities at a Arkema plant 

On August 29th 2017,  Officials evacuated the Crosby plant and residents within a 1.5 mile radius of the plant’s location because of potential dangers such as a fire or explosion resulting from a chemical reaction.  The location received more than 40 inches of rainfall leaving the site heavily flooded which compromised the refrigeration mechanisms where the product needs to be stored at a low temperature.

In July of 2014  residents of a New Jersey municipality filed a lawsuit against Solvay SA and Arkema for contaminating their private water supply through negligent operation of a manufacturing site

In June 2012 an individual brought a personal injury lawsuit against the company for a ventilating hood in the plant allegedly malfunctioned, causing exposure to Certincoat, a tin based chemical compound.

In October of 2007 there was a report of a employee that was asphyxiated by a nitrogen line leak in the analyzer building.

Accidents Due to Failure to Maintain a Refinery

Refineries must be properly maintained in order to prevent accidents from occurring. Elements at the plant have to be properly upgraded. Due to the extremely hazardous nature of many chemicals used in Arkema’s processes, any type of deferred maintenance can easily result in an explosion that causes fatalities and severe injuries. There is a possibility that the Arkema refinery could lack proper additions or repairs that would replace outdated or rundown technology. In addition to making sure that facilities are up to date, they must also make sure that the plant is a reasonably safe working environment for individuals.

Obtain the Services of an Accident Attorney

Individuals who have been injured by an accident in the Clear Lake or Crosby location have the right to receive financial compensation which can include lost wages, emotional suffering, and medical bills. The family members of a deceased refinery worker may also be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against a party that is negligent for a refinery accident. If you are interested in initiating a claim against a Texas refinery, contact our law firm today.  We have represented many individuals with similar claims.