While commercial trucks can cause substantial damage when accidents occur, oversize trucks can cause even more serious consequences when collisions happen. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lists the requirements that each state has for oversized vehicles. For example, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles requires that trucks without oversize permits be 8 feet 6 inches in width, 14 feet in height, and various lengths and weights based on the exact type of truck that is being driven. Department of Motor Vehicles also frequently have a clause that makes any damages caused due to the height of a vehicle is the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner. Many accidents due to oversize trucks can be avoided if drivers follow the instructions of the Department of Motor Vehicles, which in addition to establishing oversize restrictions can also provide directions for alternate routes to prevent potential accidents. This article will examine the involvement that oversize trucks contribute in roadside accidents.

Types of Accidents That Tend to Involve Oversize Trucks

Unfortunately, when oversize commercial trucks get into accidents, fatalities and serious injuries tend to occur. Oversize commercial trucks tend to cause several types of accidents, including the following:

  • Vehicles that are taller than listed requirements can lose cargo when attempting to drive under overpasses, which consequently results in cargo being spilled on the road causing dangerous conditions for other drivers and vehicles.
  • The proportions of oversized trucks often cause the vehicles to be more unstable than regular commercial trucks. This instability can result in rollovers or jackknifes when the vehicle takes turn or tries to stop too quickly.
  • Tire Blowouts. Due to the excess weight that often results in over-sized trucks, these vehicles tend to experience tire blow outs that can result in loss of control of the vehicle.

The consequences for commercial truck drivers who cause accidents due to oversize loads include a variety of punishments including extensive fines and criminal charges. Not to mention, vehicles that are caught violating these size restrictions without a special permit also face substantial fines. As is similar with many offenses, multiple offenders of size restrictions face harsher consequences than first time offenders.

Based on the circumstances of the accident, there are numerous parties that can be held responsible for oversized accidents due to commercial trucks. These parties include truck drivers, truck companies, and the owners of the truck. The presence of multiple parties in addition to the various regulations regarding size restrictions for commercial trucks can make lawsuits involving oversized vehicles difficult.

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