The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s research demonstrates that in 2014 there 3,424 fatalities due to vehicle collisions with commercial motor vehicles. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that in 2015, there were 3,138 accidents involving motor vehicles. This large number of fatalities exists along with an equally substantial number of catastrophic injuries demonstrating that commercial motor vehicle accidents can form substantially hazardous situations for motorists. While the temptation to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer to represent your case might be significant, accidents involving commercial motor vehicles involve a lawyer who is specialized at handling the various types of liability and complex issues that arise from accidents involving trucks. In short, there are numerous reasons why a lawyer with a history of truck accident litigation should be selected. Some of the most common reasons include the following.

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Regulations. There are many organizations that have created laws relevant to the operation and control of commercial motor vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations establish various federal rules that drivers must following concerning the hours driven, equipment used, and other important factors for commercial motor vehicles. There are literally hundreds of laws that dictate the use of commercial motor vehicles. Talented lawyers who are well acquainted with the bodies of law concerning commercial motor vehicles will know how these various laws relate to your accident.
  • Discovery Skills. Discovery is the period before trial when lawyers gather information concerning the accident. An experienced and knowledgeable truck accident attorney will know how to utilize the discovery process to strengthen a case and understand what materials can be best used to establish the strongest possible legal strategies.
  • Familiar with the Process. In addition to being masterful at discovery and understanding the various laws that dictate commercial motor vehicles, experienced truck accident attorneys will also intimately know the process involved in litigating accidents involving commercial motor vehicles.
  • Faster Results. Because truck accident lawyers are more familiar with truck accident cases than other types of lawyers, truck accident lawyers are often able to generate quicker and more efficient results than other lawyers which means that truck accident victims are able to collect damages to aid in recovery quicker.
  • Some lawyers juggle a handful of different cases and are constantly uncertain how much time to spend with each case, while lawyers who specialize particularly in truck accidents are familiar with the amount of focus and dedication required to obtain favorable results in a case.
  • Great Resources. Truck accident lawyers are often able to obtain higher settlements for accident victims because the attorney understands what type of compensation is deserved by the victim in accordance with the law. Personal injury lawyers might not understand the various ways in which commercial motor vehicle accidents might be able to recover after an accident.
  • Higher Stakes Require Greater Talent. Commercial motor vehicle accident tends to involve greater physical injuries and often fatalities, which represent a significant financial and physical burden. A skilled truck accident lawyer knows how to treat these losses sensitively and has an experience obtaining adequate compensation for these negative consequences.
  • Multiple Litigants. Unlike automobile accidents which frequently involve only one or two individuals, commercial motor vehicle accidents often involve a large number of involved parties. Involved parties will likely include the opposing driver, the insurance company, the employer of the truck driver, the trucking company, and sometimes even the owner of the cargo that the commercial motor vehicle was transporting. Among the many issues that arise from this many litigants is that a lawyer must determine whether the truck driver was acting within the scope of employment at the time of the accident.
  • Negotiation Skills. While personal injury lawyers are generally just skilled at negotiating with insurance companies, gifted truck accident lawyers are capable of successfully negotiating with a variety of parties including insurance companies, opposing drivers, trucking companies and other involved groups.
  • Prepared to Fight Against Skilled Counsel. Trucking companies often have the financial resources to employ skilled lawyers and insurance companies. Truck accident lawyers are not intimidated to pursue legal matters against these parties while personal injury attorneys very well might be.
  • A lawyer’s reputation for expertly handling truck accident cases can prove essential. Insurance companies will be more likely to negotiate on the lawyer’s terms. Additionally, the lawyer’s reputation might also prove persuasive in a court of law.
  • Substantial Injuries. A skilled truck accident lawyer is necessary to determine whether individuals who might have been substantially injured during the commercial motor vehicle accident are awarded sufficient compensation to cover the long-term physical consequences of the collision with the commercial motor vehicle.
  • Understand the Use of Expert Testimony. A seasoned truck accident attorney will also know the prominent areas in the field and how best to use expert reports during litigation. Many experienced truck accident lawyers also have a small team of experts with established track records who are frequently used in similar cases.

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