Dallas Texas Truck Wrecks

Dallas is the ninth largest city in United States and located in Dallas County, Texas. The Texas Department of Transportation provides a variety of accident statistics about Dallas. Dallas holds one of the state’s highest amounts of drunk drivers and has one of the state’s highest numbers of road rage. Driver’s in Dallas encounter a variety of driving dangers.


In 2014, in Dallas County reports demonstrate that there were 142 fatal crashes including 154 fatalities and 750 incapacitating injuries due to an automobile accident. In Dallas, in 2014, there was a staggering 27,734 automobile crashes.


Reports demonstrate that accidents in Dallas County occurred on a variety of roads in 2014. On the rural area of Interstates like Interstate 20, there was only accident. In the urban part of Dallas, there were 59 fatal crashes on Interstates like Interstate 30, while on US Highway like US Highway 67 there were 55 fatal accidents. On urban farm to market roads in Dallas, there was 1 fatal accident. On urban city streets, there 102 fatal accidents in Dallas County in 2014. Also, there 2 fatal accidents on tollways in Dallas County in 2014.


In 2014 in Dallas, reports indicate that there were 23 fatal Commercial Motor Vehicle crashes and 26 fatalities.

  • Distracted Driving. In 2014 in Dallas reports indicate that there was a significant number of accident due to distracted driving including 16 fatal car accidents, 17 fatalities, 164 incapacitating injuries to car accidents, and 6,077 total car accidents.
  • Driving under the Influence. There was a staggering number of driving under the influence accidents in Dallas in 2014. Reports demonstrate that there were 74 accidents in Dallas County that year. The majority of these accidents (17) were caused by drivers between the age 21 and 25 years old. Within the city of Dallas, there was a similar staggering amount of driving under the influence related accidents in 2014. Reports show there 42 fatal car accidents, 45 fatalities, 86 incapacitating, and 1,329 total crashes due to car accidents caused by driving under the influence.
  • Speeding caused a substantial number of accidents in Dallas County in 2014. Reports display that there 79 fatal car crashes, 90 fatalities, 135 incapacitating, and 1,895 car crashes due to speeding in 2014 in Dallas County.
  • Work Accidents. There was a substantial type of accidents that occurred in work zones in Dallas County in 2014. Reports demonstrate there were 6 fatal car accidents, 6 fatalities, 51 incapacitating injuries, 2,420 car accidents in work zones in Dallas County in 2014.

Dallas County is one of the most dangerous areas for car crashes in Texas so anyone who drives there must exercise the utmost caution. Dallas County has a variety of accidents that occur within the area every year. If you are involved in an automobile accident in Dallas County, you need the assistance of a skilled accident attorney. Contact our law firm by calling 409-838-1000 or email our lawyers to schedule a free initial consultation.