Port Arthur Wrongful Deaths

In Port Arthur, wrongful deaths are a leading cause of fatalities. The National Safety Council reports that every five minutes, an individual dies in a preventable accident. The Center for Disease Control has also found that unintentional injuries result in 31 million emergency room visits each year. When an individual’s death is due to the misconduct of another, wrongful death lawsuits allow the victim’s surviving spouse, children, and parents to initiate a wrongful death action. Understanding some of general guidelines about wrongful deaths in Port Arthur can help prepare for these unfortunate situations.

Proving A Wrongful Death In Port Arthur

Individuals in Port Arthur who initiate a wrongful death claim are responsible for proving four elements about how the accident occurred:

  • The actions of another party directly caused the individual’s death.
  • The actions that caused the death were either reckless or negligent.
  • The deceased individual’s death impacted loved ones.
  • The loved one’s death causes monetary losses, which deserves compensation.

Common Wrongful Death Scenarios In Port Arthur

There are many ways in which wrongful deaths can occur in Port Arthur, but some of the most common examples include the following:

  • Defective Products. Defects in the design of various products including automobiles, children’s toys, electrical appliances, furniture, heavy machinery, medical devices, and tools have the potential to kill consumers.
  • Medical Malpractice. When Port Arthur health care workers provide negligent or inadequate medical treatment to patients, wrongful deaths can occur. One example of medical malpractice is when a doctor negligently delivers a baby and subsequently causes the newborn’s death.
  • Vehicular Accidents. Car and motorcycle accidents are one of the most common types of wrongful deaths in Port Arthur. A recent example of such a death involved a hit and run in which an automobile struck a motorcycle and killed the motorcycle’s passenger.
  • Workplace Deaths. A number of workplace injuries occur in Port Arthur each year, particularly in the refinery industry. One way in which a workplace death can occur is when a refinery workers falls off an oil rig.

The Types Of Compensation Awarded By Port Arthur Wrongful Death Cases

In many wrongful death cases, courts in Port Arthur recognize and allow individuals to recover for several types of damages. Wrongful death cases can include compensation for the pain and suffering of the deceased individual, medical expenses related to the deceased individual’s injury, funeral and burial expenses, the loss of companionship of the deceased loved one, emotional difficulties brought on by the death of loved one, and the loss of future earnings or benefits from the deceased loved one.

Contact A Skilled Port Arthur Wrongful Death Attorney

If you are initiating a wrongful death lawsuit, contact a lawyer who has the skill and understanding to make sure that your case proceeds as smoothly as possible.