Port Arthur Premise Liability Cases

Premise liability refers to accidents caused by conditions on someone’s property. This accidents could be due to a variety of conditions including slippery substance, aggressive animals, broken stairs, or other defects that cause injuries. When premise liability accidents occur in Port Arthur, deaths and substantial injuries can occur. In these cases, property owners or the person controlling the property held accountable for injuries suffered while someone visits or uses their property. This article will examine just two of the many ways in which premise liability accidents can occur in Port Arthur.

Slip And Fall Accidents In Port Arthur

One of the most common types of premise liability accidents in Port Arthur are slip and fall cases, which occur when an individual is present on another person’s property and falls as a result of a hazard. Studies report that slip and fall account for over one million emergency room visits.

Slip and fall accidents are frequently complicated because it is difficult to demonstrate that a party was aware the dangerous condition that caused the accident existed. There are several methods, however, that a skilled accident can use to demonstrate that a property owner was aware a slip and fall accident might occur. Available methods include evidence that the premise owner placed the hazard on the floor, knew of the danger but failed to correct it, or would have discovered the item was on the floor through reasonable care.

If an accident victim can demonstrate that the slip and fall occurred due to the negligence or intentional action of a property owner, the victim will likely be able to receive compensation for resulting injuries.

Port Arthur Dog Bite Accidents

If a dog owner in Port Arthur is aware that a dog has the potential to be dangerous in any way, the dog’s owner must keep the animal in a secure enclosement to prevent others from being attacked or injured. In situations where the dog is not kept in an enclosed area, the dog must be restrained by its owner. When dog attacks do occur, property owners may be liable if certain situations exist including when:

  • The property knew the dog had the propensity to bite.
  • A dog attack was due to the property owner’s negligence.
  • The property owner failed to keep the dog in an enclosed area or restrained.
  • The dog attack was intentionally caused by the animal’s owner.

In other situations, a Port Arthur property owner can be found partially responsible for a dog attack if the individual knew the dangerous dog was on the property but failed to protect others from the danger.

The Benefit Of A Premise Liability Attorney

When premise liability accidents occur, it is essential for individuals to contact a skilled premise liability attorney who can negotiate issues with an insurance company and if necessary expertly pursue matters in a court of law.