Motorcycle Accidents In Port Arthur

The US Department of Transportation reports that motorcyclists are thirty five times more likely to experience fatal accidents than motor vehicle drivers. Motorcycle accidents in Port Arthur are also likely to cause significant property damage and severe injuries.

Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents

There are several particular reasons why motorcycle accidents occur at a greater frequency and are often more catastrophic than automobile accidents:

  • Motorcycles Offer Less Protection Than Automobiles. While motor vehicle drivers have some protection when collisions occur, motorcyclists are exposed to direct impact during collisions.
  • Motorcycles Are Less Stable Than Automobiles. Motorcycles are also much less stable than motor vehicles because motorcycles only have two wheels. Due to their lightweight, motorcycles are also more susceptible to accidents caused by cracked pavement, potholes, excess water, and other types of poor road surfaces.
  • Motorcycles Are Harder To See Than Automobiles. Because motorcycles are significantly smaller in size than motor vehicles, motorcycles can be difficult for motor vehicle drivers to notice.

Common Causes Of Port Arthur Motorcycle Accidents

In Port Arthur, motorcycle collisions can be caused in one of two ways:

  • Accidents Caused By Motor Vehicle Drivers. Some of the ways that motor vehicle drivers can cause motorcycle accidents include combining alcohol use with motor vehicle operation, falling asleep while driving, running red lights, failing to notice a motorcycle while changing lanes, not maintaining an adequate distance between other drivers, and opening car doors into lanes of traffic unexpectedly.
  • Accidents Caused By Motorcyclists. Motorcycles require a great degree of skill in order to ride safely and many motorcycle accidents occur because drivers because are not adequately trained on how to operate the vehicle. Other motorcycle accidents are caused by motorcycle who fail to obey posted road signs, travel at excessive speeds, fail to examine the road and surrounding conditions, or change lanes without first making sure that the driver is noticed by nearby motor vehicle operators.

Injuries Due To Port Arthur Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries from Port Arthur motorcycle accidents range from less severe cuts and bruises to long term physical disabilities. Some of the most common types of injuries from motorcycle accidents include scrapes and lacerations, head and neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and loss of limbs.

Ways To Prevent Port Arthur Motorcycle Accidents

Following a few safety precautions can help motorcyclists avoid accidents. Motorcyclists should make sure to: properly maintain motorcycles to prevent accidents from occurring, purchase a helmet that will not affect the driver’s visibility, and always practice safe riding habits which include following the speed limits, using signals when changing lanes.

Individuals who are involved in a Port Arthur motorcycle accident should consider retaining the service of an experienced accident attorney.