Industrial Accidents In Port Arthur

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that three million industrial accidents occur each year. Industrial accidents occur in Port Arthur with a surprising frequency. Accidents at construction sites, refineries, oil rigs and other types facilities in Port Arthur have the potential to severely injure and can even kill workers.

The Causes Of Port Arthur Industrial Accidents

Accidents at refineries and other Port Arthur facilities have the possibility of quickly turning catastrophic for several reasons:

  • Deafness Working with loud machinery or heavy machinery for extended periods of time without adequate hearing protection has the potential to substantially impair the hearing of industrial workers. While employers should provide earplugs, employers have been known to neglect these precautions.
  • Defective Equipment. Because there are a number of machines and equipment used in industrial settings, there also a variety of ways in which equipment and machinery can malfunction. Some of the most common types of defective machinery includes defective shut-off switches and faulty writing.
  • Failure To Follow Regulatory Standards. Failure to follow established protocol and safety regulations can lead to industrial accidents including explosion and fires.
  • Falling Objects. Falling objects have the potential to seriously injure and even kill industrial workers. A recent example occurred when a pipe fell on an industrial worker causing injuries so extensive that the worker ultimately died.
  • Inadequate Containers. Containers which do not properly contain hazardous chemicals have the potential to cause significant injuries. Exposure to chemicals like arsenic, mercury, and zinc can result in significant chemical burns.
  • Lack Of Safety Procedures. In an effort to cut costs, some companies cut back on safety methods designed to prevent workplace injuries from occurring. Without these safety measures, workplace injuries can occur. For example, a worker might be injured while using a piece of heavy machinery for a task that the machine was not designed.
  • Poorly Maintained Equipment. Many industrial accidents in Port Arthur occur due to either broken or poorly maintained equipment. One example of poorly maintained equipment is a bulldozer with faulty brakes that is unable to adequately stops and ends up resulting in a worker falling off a surface.

Pursuing An Industrial Accident Claim

There are some particular challenges in pursuing compensation for a Port Arthur industrial accident. The state of Texas does not require all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which means that injured workers must resort to other types of legal actions. Determining which parties should be held liable is also often challenging because many industrial sites include multiple employers, contractors, subcontractors, and various other parties who might be responsible for the accident. As a result of these obstacles, when workplace accidents occur, it is critical that injured workers speak with a knowledgeable attorney who has helped other clients in similar situations.