Port Arthur Construction Site Accidents

Due to heavy machinery and strenuous working conditions, twenty percent of all workplace injuries in Port Arthur involve construction sites accidents. These accidents, which are often catastrophic in nature, often result in injuries and the even fatalities of both construction workers and innocent bystanders.

The Types Of Construction Accidents In Port Arthur

There are many dangerous elements that can cause construction site accidents in Port Arthur including:

  • Collapsed Trenches. One of the most common types of Port Arthur construction accidents are when a trench or house unexpectedly collapses which can result in workers being trapped inside the structure. A recent example occurred when construction workers were digging a trench for cable placement when the sides gave way, burying the workers alive who fortunately escaped alive.
  • Exposure To Toxic Material. Port Arthur construction workers are at a great risk of being exposed to toxic materials, which can cause a variety of substantial illnesses including some types of cancer. One of the most common examples of toxic material to which construction workers are exposed is asbestos, which causes a number of medical conditions including mesothelioma, a type of cancer. Mold is another type of potentially dangerous substance to which Port Arthur construction workers are exposed.
  • Another one of the most common types of construction injuries are falls. Port Arthur construction workers use cranes, ladders, roofs, and scaffolding to work at great heights at the risk of falling In a recent case, a construction worker was using a scissor lift when the machine malfunctioned causing the worker to fall several stories.
  • Explosions And Fires. There are many conditions at Port Arthur construction sites that can cause explosions and fires which include poor wiring, improperly contained chemicals, and leaking pipes. A recent example of a construction site fire was caused by faulty wiring which substantially burned several workers.
  • Heat Strokes. Heat stroke occurs when excessive heat causes an individual’s internal temperature regulating mechanism to malfunction causing unconsciousness and death in the worst cases. During the past summer, many construction site workers in Port Arthur and other passed away due to high temperatures.

Injuries Caused By Port Arthur Construction Accidents

There are many types of injuries that can be caused by Port Arthur construction accidents. Some of the most common types of construction accident injuries include: back pains, broken bones, carpal tunnel damage, cuts, hearing loss, internal organ damage, lacerations, traumatic brain injuries, and torn neck muscles. These injuries can result in substantial medical bills and lost wages for workers.

Ways That A Port Arthur Accident Attorney Can Help

Individuals involved in a construction accident often find it essential to retain the services of an experienced accident attorney who knows how to pursue compensation from contractors, subcontractors, and other employers to retain the compensation that is deserved.