Occupational Diseases In Port Arthur

Unfortunately, there are a number of occupational diseases that can be experienced by workers in the Port Arthur area. The United States Labor Statistics reports that in 2014 there are nearly three million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers.

Common Occupational Diseases Faced By Port Arthur Workers

Port Arthur refinery workers are not the only group that experiences occupational diseases with many other types of workers also at risk. Some of the most common types of occupational diseases in Port Arthur include the following:

  • Asbestos Related Illnesses. Once widely used for insulation in various industries, asbestos is a proven carcinogen that can cause various illnesses after a period of dormancy. Studies have revealed that Port Arthur is in part of the country that has been deemed “Asbestos Alley” and feature a disproportionate number of workers who are inflicted with asbestos related illnesses. Unfortunately, Asbestos is still legal and many Port Arthur workers are exposed to the material. Mesothelioma, a rare and deadly type of cancer, is one of the most common diseases caused by asbestos exposure.
  • Benzene Exposure. Benzene is a liquid created through various industrial practices including coal manufacturing. Although benzene has various industrial uses, the product is classified as a carcinogen and can cause anemia, excessive bleeding, and leukemia.
  • Hearing Loss. The loss of hearing is often a serious condition that results in a substantial decrease in one’s quality of life. The most common cause of hearing loss are due to daily work conditions at construction sites, refineries, or other locations where loud noise is common. Although employers often provide ear protection in these environments, hearing loss can still occur.
  • Other Lung Based Illnesses. In addition to mesothelioma, Port Arthur industrial workers face a variety of other lung based illnesses. One of the most common conditions, asthma, can be caused by inhaling various toxic chemicals. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a lung inflammation, can also be experienced by Port Arthur workers who inhale chemicals.
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries. The fastest growing type of work-related injuries, repetitive stress injuries are caused by the constant wear that some jobs place on worker’s bodies. Some of the factors that contribute to these injuries include awkward posture, heavy lifting, and repetitive motion. Port Arthur workers who are required to repeat daily tasks are particularly susceptible to repetitive stress injuries.

How A Port Arthur Occupational Disease Claim Attorney Can Help

Statute of limitations are frequently an issue in occupational disease cases because it sometimes takes year before a condition becomes noticeable. A skilled Port Arthur attorney knows how to successfully pursue an occupational disease claim and fight tirelessly so that injured workers can obtain the compensation that is deserved.