18-Wheeler Accidents in Port Arthur

Home to a substantial refinery industry, Port Arthur sees a significant number of 18-wheeler accidents occur each year. In regards to the type of location where these accidents occurred, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that Port Arthur in 2015 had the highest number of accidents on interstates like Interstate 10 and highways like US 69, US 96, and US 287. All motorists should be aware of the the most common types of 18-wheeler accidents in Port Arthur during the past year.

18-Wheeler Rollovers in Port Arthur

Rollovers occur when an 18-wheelers flips onto its side. 18-wheeler rollovers in Port Arthur frequently result in either substantial injuries or deaths. The design of 18-wheelers which include a high base of gravity and heavy weight make the vehicles susceptible to rollovers. Also drivers who navigate curves too sharply, use on and off ramps along Interstate 10 too quickly, or attempt to operate an 18-wheeler while texting or talking on the phone can also cause rollovers. In the event that an 18-wheeler begins to fall on its side, improperly loaded cargo can increase the vehicle’s momentum. Drivers also must make sure to sufficiently maintain 18-wheelers particularly the brakes, which can make a vehicle unable to stop in time and in some situations can greatly increase the chances of a rollover occurring.

Underride And Override Accidents Involving 18-Wheelers

Underride accidents occur when a motor vehicle collides with the back of an 18-wheeler and slides underneath. While some 18 wheelers use underride guards to prevent these types of accidents, these measures do not always work. Motor vehicle drivers and passengers who are involved in underride accidents in Port Arthur frequently end up either catastrophically injured or even killed. Situations that tend to cause underride include when an 18-wheeler driver brakes too suddenly or when an 18-wheeler’s driver cuts off a smaller vehicle. Similar to underride accidents, override accidents occur when an 18-wheeler rides over a smaller vehicle. Override accidents most frequently occur when an 18-wheeler is traveling at a high speed and/or following a smaller vehicle too closely. The victims of override experience serious injuries and sometimes fatalities.

Jackknife Involving 18-Wheelers

Jackknifing refers to a type of accident that occurs when an 18-wheeler skids causing the vehicle’s trailer to swing to one side. The factors that cause 18-wheelers to jackknife include drivers who attempt to brake and swerve at the same time, brake suddenly causing weight to shift inside of the vehicle, travel at excessive speeds, or fail to maintain an 18-wheeler’s brakes.

How A Port Arthur Accident Attorney Can Help

Individuals who are involved in 18-wheeler accidents require the compassion and dedication of a skilled attorney who can fight zealously to make sure that clients receives adequate compensation.