Oak Hill Strip Mine is a surface mine that is located in Tatum and operated by Luminant Mining Company. Luminant is a particularly important company in the coal industry and is both the largest generator of electricity in the state of Texas as well in addition to being the state’s leading lignite coal manufacturer. As a 26,000 acre site, the Oak Hill Strip mine has been a significant source of coal mining in the state.

Luminant has recently announced the closure of its Oak Hill mine, which will result in the termination of 132 Texas coal mine workers positions at the mine. These terminations were scheduled to begin in December of 2016. No specific reason for Luminant’s decision to close the mine has been cited, but the company’s decision to close its Jewett mine arose from decisions to switch to cleaner burning coal which is available in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming.

Accidents at Oak Hill Strip

Each year, a number of accidents occur at the Oak Hill Strip. A few examples of accidents that have occurred at Oak Hill strip include the following:

  • In July of 2013 a mine worker’s hand became caught in machinery while the worker was installing an axle on a piece of machinery. As a result, the worker’s hand was severely injured.
  • In April of 2013, a falling accident occurred when an employee stepped off the edge of a motor vehicle and fall to the ground which resulted in injuries to the worker.
  • In March of 2013, two workers were injured while moving a section of machinery. One of the workers was injured due to a sprain that occurred when the worker fell.

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