Injuries at Work in Houston

When workplace injuries occur, Houston workers can be left with substantial obstacles which interfere with the ability to perform a job successfully or at all. These injuries frequently result in substantial medical bills and lost wages, which subsequently create additional obstacles for Houston workers. As a result of these complications, when Houston workers are faced with workplace injuries, it often becomes a wise idea to consult with an experienced accident attorney. The purpose of this article is discuss some of the essential elements in understanding how work place injuries occur.

What Types Of Workplace Injuries Can Occur?

Workplaces injuries can be caused by a variety of conditions, which include the following: construction accidents, farming accidents, and premise liability lawsuits. These are not all of the types of workplaces injuries that can occur, but rather just some of the most common examples. The exact type of injuries that can be caused from workplace accidents also ranges substantially and in the very worst of workplace injuries can even include death.

Subscriber and Nonsubscriber Workplace Injury Cases

Workplace injury cases are divided into two types of claims: subscriber and nonsubscriber. In non-subscriber cases, an employer does not carry valid workers compensation insurance. If an employer is a non-subscriber then an individual must pursue compensation by initiating a personal injury lawsuit. Subscriber claims occur when an employee is injured and the employer carries valid workers compensation insurance. The injured worker subsequently obtains compensation by filing a workers compensation claim.

The Role Of Worker’s Compensation in Texas

Workers compensation is designed to provide a variety of benefits to workers who are injured while on the job. Texas, however, is the only state in which private businesses are not required to carry workers compensation. Instead, employers in Texas can opt to carry alternative insurance policies that provide compensation when workplace injuries occur. A significant obstacle is created, however, when an employer’s insurance policy does not adequately cover the expenses incurred by an individual who is injured while on the job.

Third Party Liability

When an injuries is caused by a third party like a contractor, an individual may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against this party. In lawsuits against third parties, injured workers can recover a variety of damages including compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering. As a result, third party lawsuits are a type of lawsuit for which injured workers can recover a substantial amount of compensation.

Reasons To Hire A Houston Accident Attorney

Individuals who are injured in the workplace choose to retain the services of an accident attorney for several reasons. An accident attorney is able to perform a variety of service which include: crafting strong cases to receive the maximum amount of compensation for injuries, handling a variety of parties that become involved in a workplace injury case, navigating the various laws surrounding a case, protecting the rights and interests of a client, and thoroughly investigating how an accident occurred in order to obtain information about liable parties,