Slip And Fall Accidents in Houston

Accidents can occur at the most unexpected times and locations. When an individual has a flip and fall accidents, many times the situation that created this environment is outside an individual’s control. When slip and fall accidents happen, individuals often turn to experienced legal counsel in order to hold the parties that created the accident liable. There are some vital details for victim of slip and fall accidents to know concerning these types of cases and what elements must be demonstrated in order to receive compensation.

Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents in Houston

There are several situations in which slip and fall accidents tend to occur which include: damage walking surfaces, paths that strewn with obstacles, spills or pools of liquid on a pathway, and freshly cleaned (and therefore slippery) surfaces. Each of these situations can result in slip and fall accidents.

Liability For A Houston Slip And Fall Accident

In order to prevail in a slip and fall accident, an accident victim must demonstrate that another party was liable for the incident. There are two ways to establish that another party was liable: another party should have recognized the dangerous conditions and repaired the danger or an individual directly cause the dangerous condition to exist.

Also, to prevail under a slip and fall claim, an accident victim must demonstrate that a party failed to meet the standard of care used by a “reasonably prudent person” in a similar situation. There are various elements that can be used to demonstrate a party’s standard of care slipped below the “reasonably prudent person” standard. These elements include how long the condition existed, whether the other party made it a routine to check for such conditions, if there was reasonable justification for the creation of the hazard, whether prevent measures existed to avoid the hazard, and if there was poor visibility where the accident occurred.

Special Considerations in Houston Accidents

There are some particular considerations that can make a slip and fall case unique. One of these factors is if the accident victim is a trespasser, in which case a property owner may not be held liable in some situations. A second special consideration is if the accident victim is a child because in many cases property owners must take special measures to protect against children becoming injured. A third consideration is if the accident occurred in a work atmosphere, in which case there might be special consideration. A fourth special element is if the accident occurred on government property, in which case a special set of laws applies and the case must be brought within a specific time limit.

Reasons To Hire A Houston Accident Attorney

When slip and fall accidents occur, strong and competent attorneys can prove invaluable by performing several tasks. A knowledgeable lawyer will be to conduct a thorough investigation to determine liability which will likely include interviewing witnesses and examining reports. If an accident was due in any part to weather conditions, an attorney will also be able to research weather records. A skilled attorney will know how to demonstrate that another party was liable for the slip and fall accident.