Houston Oilfield Accidents

When oil field accidents happen, substantial injuries, fatalities, and even significant property damage can occur. As oil production increases and Texas sees a larger amount of oil field workers, there has also been a substantial rise in accidents that occur in Houston oil fields. For parties injured in Houston oilfield accidents or the loved ones of an individual who was killed in an oil field accident, it often becomes essential to turn to the talents of strong legal counsel to ensure that compensation for the accident is awarded. There is also some important pieces of information that individual should know concerning oilfield accidents in the Houston area.

Causes of Houston Oilfield Accidents

There are a variety of factors that cause Houston oilfield accidents including inexperienced or poorly trained workers, dangerous conditions, workers who are fatigued and unable to properly perform tasks, and defective or improperly used equipment.

These factors can lead to numerous types of accidents including equipment failures, explosions, falls, fires, heavy equipment accidents, motor vehicle collisions, and a variety of other accidents. Oil rig collapses are also a cause of many accidents in Houston oil fields.

Special note should be made of several types of accidents. One category includes injuries that occur on oil rigs. Oil rigs are a particularly dangerous atmosphere due to  isolated locations, selective physical requirements, and the use of heavy equipment. Injuries that result from these events can prove to be particularly substantial and life altering.

A second group of accidents includes oil field workers exposed to chemicals that can cause substantial internal and external harm to workers including sometimes even death.

What Types Of Accidents Can Be Caused By Oil Field Accidents?

Oilfield accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries which include amputations, brain damage, broken bones, bruises, burns, cuts, internal organ injuries, paralysis, and sprains. These injuries and many others can leave oil field workers unable to work for a substantial period of time in addition to being unable to perform daily activities without assistance.

Who Can Be Held Liable For A Houston Oil Field Accident?

In many situations, oilfield accidents are caused by the negligence of other parties, including many individuals who are in a supervisory position. One of the greatest reasons for negligence is that there is a growing demand to increase production at oil fields but to minimize costs, which can result in shortcuts and decisions that do not properly take safety guidelines into consideration.

If an oil field accident was caused by the negligence of a co-worker, a company, or a manager then a worker has the right to seek compensation from these parties. Workers might also be able to file a worker compensation claim.

How Can An Experienced Houston Accident Attorney Help?

An experienced accident attorney will know how to to best investigate and photograph the scene of an oil field accident to obtain evidence regarding how an event happened. A skilled accident attorney will know how to help an injured worker obtain the compensation that is deserved. The right legal counsel will also know how to hold parties accountable for oilfield accidents that might have occurred.