Houston Burn Accidents and Injuries

Over half a million Americans are treated each year for burn injuries. Many individuals last year were also burns in various accidents that arose in the Houston area. In one recent accident, three fast food workers were injured when a floor caved in and fryer tipped over resulting in the spill of hot grease throughout the location. Because burn injuries are often substantial and can greatly incapacitated an individual, individuals who are burned often greatly require the services of strong legal counsel who know how to fight for the compensation that is deserved. Individuals that was burned or the loved ones of an individual who was burned should also understand some basic information.

Events That Cause Burns

There are a variety of situations that cause burns. Some of these events include automobile accidents, building fires, explosions, appliance fires, severe electrical shock, scalding injuries, or toxic chemical burns. These are only just some of the most common events that cause burns.

Injuries That Are Caused By Burns

Burns affect the skin and the various functions carried out by the skin in performing daily life functions. Other long term effects of burn include impairment of motor skills and scarring. Burn victims suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. Burn victims face years of medical and psychological treatment in addition to lost wages after a serious burn accidents.
Burns are grouped into several categories based on how the burn was caused. The potential causes of burns include chemical burns which are caused by chemical substances, electrical burns which arise from electric current passing through a body, thermal burns which are caused by heat sources like fire or steam, burns caused by cold, and burns caused by radiation.

Burns are also classified by degree or depth. First degree burns damage only the outer layer of an individual’s skin. Second degree burns affect both the outer layer of skin and the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. Third degree burns destroy the first and second layer of skin and may also damage the underlying bones, muscles, and tendons.

Texas Law Addressing Burns

Legal actions can be brought against a number of parties who might be liable for a burn injury. Some individuals who might be liable for a burn include a property owner, a supervisor, a driver who caused a collision, or another negligent worker.

Burns result from the negligence of one party due to a malicious act, accident, failure to exercise proper cause, or ignorance about existing safety guidelines. If a court determines that a party was negligent then a burn victim is likely to be awarded compensation for burn injuries and emotional suffering. Compensation can be awarded for emotional damages, property destruction, medical treatment, and lost income. In the most severe burn accidents, punitive damages may be awarded which are damages designed to punish the party that caused the accident.

If you or a loved one has had to endure a burn accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.