Traumatic Brain Injury in Houston

Brain injuries are some of the most catastrophic injuries that an accident victim can experience. Often times, brain injuries act as substantial objects in an accident victim’s life. Even more troubling, not all brain injuries are readily apparent and only become apparent after some time. If you are an accident victim in the Houston who received a brain injury, it often becomes vital to retain the services of an experienced accident attorney who can successfully fight for the compensation required by such a substantial and life altering condition. If you or a loved one experienced a brain injury, it is also important to understand some details about brain injuries.

What Are Common Types of Brain Injuries?

Many of the most common types of personal injuries can result in brain injuries including birth injuries, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, and vehicle accidents and collisions.

Brain injuries are divided into penetration and impact injuries. Penetration injuries occur when an object enters one’s skull. Impact injuries are caused when one’s head impacts an object or is noticeably shaken. Both of these types of injuries can result in substantial medical conditions.

Brain injuries are also classified based on severity: mild, moderate and severe. Mild injuries to an accident victim’s brain result after a concussion. Moderate brain injuries typically result after a loss of consciousness. Severe brain injuries most frequently result from penetration injuries.

What Are The Common Symptoms of A Brain Injury?

A brain injury can manifest itself in a number of ways. Based on how substantial an accident is and what location of an individual’s brain is affected can greatly influence the types of symptoms that arise in an accident victim. Some of the most common symptoms caused by brain injuries include difficulty concentrating, inability to control one’s emotions, loss of short or long term memory, a decrease in motor skills, impaired senses, inability to control one’s body functions, and tremors. These are just some of the most common examples.

What To Do If You Received A Brain Injury

There are some certain basic steps that should be taken by all individuals who received a brain injury. These steps include the following:

  • Go to a local emergency room to receive treatment for the injury.
  • Make notes about the accident occurred and any noticeable symptoms.
  • Receive all required tests concerning brain functions.

How An Experienced Houston Accident Attorney Can Help

There are several reasons in which experienced legal counsel can help an accident victims who received brain injuries. An accident attorney help an accident victim navigate issues with insurance companies, which can urge an individual settles an accident case quickly before the signs of brain injury become apparent. Skilled lawyers can also make sure that a client receives compensation for all proper medical care required to treat an individual’s injury as long as is necessary. Another area in which a skilled lawyer might prove essential are statute of limitations. While the statute of limitations might be a short amount of time for some personal injury accidents, it might take an individual quite some time before the effects of a brain injury become noticeable enough to alert any attention.