New Study Reveals That Many Work Injuries Go Unreported

While anyone can be injured on the job, some occupations have higher risks than others. According to one study, many work injuries go unreported which is alarming and disconcerting for those accident victims. Unreported injuries are extremely common in the construction industry.

Construction Workers at Risk of Serious Injuries on the Job

The construction worker injury is one of the occupations in which many people are injured on an annual basis. While certainly working on a construction site has an inherent level of risk to begin with, it is the responsibility of site operators and managers to ensure that safety is the most important goal each day.

Common Causes of Construction Injuries

When equipment malfunctions or when safety is not made as the foremost priority, it is injured workers who ultimately pay the price. According to the research done in the focus study of construction workers, many workers believed that pain was a natural part of their job and that it wasn’t worth reporting the concern.

Others feared retaliation on the part of the employer or lost work opportunities. It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against you after reporting a legitimate work injury. It is a big mistake to minimize the potential impact of a work injury.

Do I Really Need a Work Injury Lawyer in Beaumont?

Speaking to a Beaumont work injury attorney sooner rather than later gives you a better understanding of your rights and your recommended next steps. You should report all injuries to your employer as failing to do so could compromise your ability to receive coverage under workers’ compensation. You may also have grounds against a third party for personal injury if extenuating circumstances were involved. The implications of a work injury can be long lasting. For example, you may be unable to enjoy activities that were fun for you before the accident like playing sports or riding a bike.

You may also experience earnings loss, costly medical bills, and career shortcomings as well. Many injuries sustained in a construction accident can have lifelong implications and can complicate your ability to make a living significantly. This is why it is important to consider speaking with a Beaumont work injury attorney to protect your rights and to file a claim.

Failing to work with an attorney could compromise the success of your claim or lead to unnecessary denials or delays. You need the insight of an experienced lawyer in order to protect your rights. If there’s an issue with your claim, a knowledgeable attorney can help you navigate these situations and work towards a successful resolution.

As an injured worker, it is your responsibility to report the injury as soon as possible, but you also have an obligation to protect your rights over the course of the claim. A talented lawyer can help you figure out next steps and ensure that your employer treats you fairly after filing a claim. Working directly with an attorney is strongly recommended for any injured employee.