18-Wheeler and Heavy Truck Wrecks

Baytown is one of the many cities encountered on I-10 and is passed by all going from Houston to Louisiana and vice versa. This includes thousands of 18 wheelers and heavy trucks, many of which are on strict deadlines to deliver their cargo. The environment created by all this stress is where unsuspecting drivers can experience an 18-wheeler or heavy truck wreck. When this situation arises, it is imperative that the injured person or persons immediately contact an experienced attorney.

Baytown 18-Wheeler and Heavy Truck Wrecks

According to a report from the Texas Department of Transportation, the city of Baytown had a total of 18 fatal vehicle crashes in the year 2015. There were 75 “incapacitating crashes” in Baytown, or crashes in which those involved needed serious medical attention. There were 103 incapacitating injuries in the same year as the result of these crashes.

Although no data is available for Baytown, the 4th highest number of vehicles involved in Texas crashes by body style where trucks, truck-tractors, and semi-trailers. They accounted for a total of 548 fatal crashes for 2015. This number is made all the more astounding when considering these types of vehicles make up a much smaller percentage of the vehicles on the road at any given time.

Causes of Baytown 18-Wheeler and Heavy Truck Wrecks

These serious and fatal accidents are made all the more tragic because they are avoidable. The weather plays a significant part in many of these cases. In Texas, the weather condition that led to the most crashes in rural areas such as Baytown was rain. It accounted for 16,818 total vehicular crashes in 2015. The next most common cause was fog at 1,417 and sleet/hail at 1,030. Drivers of 18-wheelers and heavy trucks are required to adjust their driving in harsh conditions and even to get off the road all together.

What to do if You Are in a Baytown 18-Wheeler and Heavy Truck Wreck

Those involved in a wreck of this sort are advised to seek medical attention immediately. Because trucking companies do not thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident, it is vital that the victims of the accident seek legal representation immediately. This legal counsel can help them communicate with the guilty parties and even file a claim if necessary.

A few of the more recent Baytown 18-wheeler and heavy truck accidents:

  • October July 2014 – A man was killed when his car collided with an 18-wheeler on Highway 99 at Cedar Crossing.
  • July 2015 – After colliding with a wrong way driver, the driver of the 18-wheeler that hit him failed to stop and render aid to the driver, who died from his injuries.
  • July 2015 – Two people were killed and one was injured when their car and an 18-wheeler collided on State Highway 99 and Kilgore Road.