Faulty Products

Defective or faulty products are those that endanger the ones who purchase them without fair or adequate warning. Examples include automobiles with defective components, appliances that catch fire, unsafe toys, and many others. The most basic right when buying a product is to be safe while using it. Big manufacturers and companies are obligated by law to design and fabricate safe products. When they fail to meet this obligation and someone is injured, the injured parties have a right to file a claim for their damages.

Baytown Faulty Products Law

In the state of Texas, the company that makes the product has the duty to see that their product is safe by acquiring the necessary permits and conducting tests. Section 82 of the laws regarding Baytown faulty products deals with design defects and is often cited. Someone injured by a faulty product can prove it had a defective design if they can demonstrate in court that:

  • The defect in the product “was a producing cause of the personal injury, property damage, or death.”
  • There was a safer alternative to the current design.
  • The manufacturer was aware of the alternative or defect in the design.
  • The manufacturer did not put proper warnings or signage on their product.
  • The manufacturer did not perform a product recall in a reasonable amount of time.

Even sellers of this faulty product are legally liable if they are proven to have shown negligence, intentional misconduct, and any other act of omission. This includes any attempt to modify or alter the product, such as removing warning labels or changing expiration dates.

Current Faulty Products Found in Baytown

When you purchase a good or product from a local store or even online, you have the right to assume it is safe for its intended use and is going to perform as advertised. However, this is not always the case. Whether accidentally or deliberately, some manufacturers allow their faulty products to go into the marketplace. This negligence can result in all kinds of harm to the public in general and includes serious illness, bodily injury, and sometimes death. Faulty products can be found everywhere in our city and include but are not limited to:

  • Takata Airbags Found in Many Vehicles
  • Honda Airbags
  • GM Ignition Switches
  • Nissan Ignition Recall
  • Minivan Crash Test Failures
  • Surgery Using da Vinci Robots
  • Refinery Oil Leaks
  • Talcum Powder Products
  • Food and Drink Recalls
  • Volkswagen Gas Mileage
  • Honda Hybrid Gas Mileage
  • Baby Formulas
  • Graco and Maclaren Stroller Recalls
  • Vehicle Floor Mat Recall
  • Salmonella in Food
  • Listeria in Produce
  • Various Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Various Medical Devices