Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) was founded in 1988 after the discovery of Grasberg copper and gold deposits in Indonesia. After acquiring Phelps Dodge in 2007, the company became one of the largest operations in the industry. Other mining assets that have been acquired include Freeport Minerals, Phelps Dodge, Cyprus Minerals, American Mineral Company, and Climax Molybdenum.

McMoRan Workers And Offshore Accidents

A few of the ways in which accidents have occurred on oil rigs involving McMoRan workers include the following:

  • In 2001, a fire ignited in a molten sulphur storage tank because oxygen entered the area due to a faulty atmospheric hatch cover in the tank’s drain skid. While the fire was quickly extinguished, there was a risk that workers could have been seriously harmed or killed by the fire.
  • Another fire occurred McMoran while welding was occurring inside the main sulfur tank of an oil rig.  The sulfur in the tank caught fire because a worker did not follow company protocol prior to welding, burning, and hot tapping work on the tank. Each year, a large number of accidents occur on oil rigs because workers fail to follow adequate safety precautions.

How Asbestos Can Harm Oil Rig Workers

A large of body of medical reports have established that prolonged and frequent exposure to asbestos has the ability to cause several deadly medical conditions. Regulations, as a result, have been created to prohibit the use of asbestos in buildings even though there is a risk that workers can become harmed by exposure to asbestos found in older structures.

  • Recent Texas & Louisiana Oil Rig Accidents

    Clovelly Oil Rig Explosion Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Jefferson Parish officials: Seven have been hospitalized and one person is dead.

    Slatex Oil Rig Fall Saratoga, Hardin County Sheriff: A man fell from an elevated position and was killed.

    ERSI Oil Rig Fall Sabine Pass, Port Arthur Authorities: A man fell about 100 feet from the top deck of an off-shore oil rig

Speak with an Accident Attorney

A large number of workers each year are harmed by accidents that occur on oil rigs. As a result, many workers end up facing large medical bills and crippling injuries. If you are involved in any type of accident that occurs on an oil rig, do not hesitate to contact an attorney who can help you make sure that your case resolves in the best possible manner.