The history of CSX Oil & Gas Corporation is almost 190 years old. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, the company has grown to become a leading supplier of rail-based freight transportation throughout the country. A recent addition to CSX, its drilling branch was designed to support crude oil growth in the Northeast part of the country.

Challenges Faced by CSX Workers

The Centers for Disease Control report that offshore oil workers experience a fatality rate that is 7 times higher than other workers in the country. One of the deadliest types of accidents experienced by offshore rig workers are fires and explosions which can result from electrical work, flammable material, and welding. These fires are frequently difficult to control and occur in the confined area of the oil rig.

CSX Workers and The Danger of Asbestos

For many years, a large number of companies in the United States utilized asbestos to serve a variety of purposes. Medical documentation, however, has since established that asbestos have the ability to seriously harm anyone who is repeatedly or extensively exposed to the fiber.

Most buildings fortunately do not contain asbestos, but there is still a risk that workers in older buildings might be exposed to the material. It is important to note that if asbestos is not disrupted, it is generally not dangerous. When the material is disturbed in any way, however, there is a risk that fibers from the substance will become lodged in a worker’s lungs and result in deadly medical conditions.

  • Recent Texas & Louisiana Oil Rig Accidents

    Clovelly Oil Rig Explosion Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Jefferson Parish officials: Seven have been hospitalized and one person is dead.

    Slatex Oil Rig Fall Saratoga, Hardin County Sheriff: A man fell from an elevated position and was killed.

    ERSI Oil Rig Fall Sabine Pass, Port Arthur Authorities: A man fell about 100 feet from the top deck of an off-shore oil rig

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